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THE ZOO IS CLOSED UNTIL MAY 1ST, 2024 The giftshop is open until December 25th 2023. Reptile encounters are available year round!


Welcome to Wilderness Trail Zoo

Our trails take visitors through 56 acres of natural surroundings to see exotic animals such as primates, zebras, lions, reptiles, and parrots. There is a petting area and parakeet encounter for an up close and personal adventure with our animals.

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Future Zoo Crew Camp


There is a ton of stuff to do while visiting Wilderness Trails Zoo. Visit the petting area, see the reptile sanctuary, enjoy a picnic in the pavilion, and play on the playground.


We have different pricing for different ages or different occasions. To view more specific details, or special deals just follow the link below to find out all the information you need.


Want to become a sponsor to an exotic animal. With our sponsorship program it allows anyone to to so. There are some pretty cool perks to becoming a sponsor at Wilderness Trails Zoo.

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