11721 Gera Rd Birch Run, MI 48415

Open May thru October


Animal Viewing

The zoo offers a unique zoo experience as our mile long trail winds past trees, ponds and over 50 species of exotic and native animals.  Exhibits are constructed so guests may see the animals much closer than at a typical zoo, while maintaining as much of Michigan's natural beauty as possible.  Each enclosure is labeled with species information so guests may learn interesting facts about each of our animals.

Petting Area 

This is the first hands-on area in the zoo.  Here guests have the opportunity to interact with animals in a very special way.  The petting area is occupied by animals such as, alpaca, calves, rabbits, ducks, miniature horses and goats.  It is also common for this area to include newly weaned or bottle raised babies and has included a Dromedary Camel and Scottish Highlander in the past. The petting area is always staffed by a knowledgeable animal keeper that can answer questions and assist guests in anyway possible.   

Feed Stations

These are the second hands-on areas in the zoo.   Through out the park are feed stations where guests can purchase feed for a specific animal.  One quarter  will provide a guest with a handful of food to feed the "always hungry" animals at the zoo.  Feed stations are provided for the swans, goats, peccaries, river otter, deer, dall sheep, and peafowl.

Picnic Area/Playground

The zoo provides picnic tables, some of which are under a canopy for those rainy days, and allows families to bring their own food (no alcoholic beverages) to enjoy.  Also in this area is a playscape where the kids can feel free to mimic the monkeys they have just seen at the zoo.

Gift Shop

Our gift shop is stocked with souvenirs, stuffed animals, educational toys, candy, and snacks. 



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